Sunday, February 11, 2018

Look it up

Due to the popularity of Wikipedia there is some blurring in lines between wikis and online encyclopedias. The difference is that a wiki is a shared site, so a group of people who are Valiant enthusiasts, whether that's ute or car (or, in this case, comic book), will contribute information. Online encyclopedias are much like their bound predecessors, also containing information but in a strict format and either staffed contributors or - and here's the overlap - fellow enthusiasts or scholars.

We're fortunate that I had the presence of mind to note down the remaining site types in our top 100 before they removed the bottom 50 so we can still do that. Encyclopedias, meanwhile, were touched upon in our preamble to site rankings where we noted in September that Wikipedia was the fifth most popular site on the planet.
What follows are a sample, removing those we mentioned in the last post about wikis and, in the case of dodgy ones like Conservapedia (goes with the territory dare I say), worst directories. And so forth.

Online Encyclopedias

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Wiki wacky woo

The only trouble with using Wikipedia as your source is that it may not be the same the next day you log in due to the regular editing. In our case we're lucky we've got this far through the list as someone has decided that, since Alexa only provides their top 50 for free, this list should also be reduced from 100.
I don't think we had very many categories left (our last, online office suites, is gone, being below 50). One I do recall is wikis (irony?). On Wikipedia - currently - is a list of 93 such sites; too many to canvas.
Image result for "wiki"
If we remove the ones we've mentioned that are issued by Wikimedia Foundation (see post from 29th September) and cull idiosyncratic efforts like Heroes Wiki, Lostpedia, Memory Alpha, Nukapedia, Supernatural Wiki, Wookieepedia and WoWWiki (devoted to individual shows or games), other minority interests such as Spanish and Chinese language encyclopedias, and wikis that have already received mentions such as Conservapedia  and Uncyclopedia, we have:

*I tried several times to log into the site with no success

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Suites for my sweet

You might think that Microsoft Office is the boss when it comes to online office suites and this is reinforced by it being the only one [Alexa 62, SimilarWeb 48] in the Top 100 most popular websites. There turns out to be a number of others and they divide into freeware suites, open source suites and proprietary suites
In computing, an office suite is a collection of productivity software usually containing a word processor, spreadsheet and a presentation program.
We should note that office suites are often desktop based; either multi-platform or designed to work exclusively on DOS, Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, or Unix; with mobile suites designed for tablet or smartphone.
Thankfully our brief is not to look at LibreOffice or Aster*x

Online Office Suites

Monday, January 29, 2018

PopAds and popular adds

If you didn't know better, you would think that pop-up advertising is a terrific comedown after videos, games and TV but those who have posted things on YouTube will know that these pop under ads are a real bonus as you can have them appear on your video and earn money.

PopAds appears at number 60 on Alexa listings.

The Next Web (those guys again) do a reasonable breakdown of what's to like and loathe about pop-ups.
Earning Guys give us their list of the best pop-up networks; the best pop-up being pop under, though they don't take their own advice:

  1. Adsterra
  2. Propeller Ads
  3. PopAds
  4. ClickAdu
  5. Ad-Maven
  6. Popcash
  7. Adcash
  8. exoClick
  9. RevenueHits
  10. Ero Advertising
  11. Galaksion
  12. Clicksor
  13. PopUnder Total
  14. PopMyAds

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Black T, chords and dBs

Just as Twitch makes its first appearance on our list under video sharing, so IMDb - which I consult regularly - is under the entertainment umbrella. Its descriptor, however, is Film, TV show and video game database and that's just interesting enough to list some more



Video Game

Image result for film television and video game database

Friday, January 26, 2018

Methodology and melody

It's true that you could get better data by looking at more recent subject matter when evaluating Australian directories, Q&A sites, Aussie auction sites,  or local news and weather.

These are doubtless written on blog rolls across the land. I've not yet noted how the most popular technology sites also happen to be major blogs and run by successful bloggers. That's unlikely to be a coincidence; however retro we try to go, there's no escaping the pull of technology, even if it's just access issues when trying to list a Valiant ute.


Twitch TV also gets a repeat mention as, more specifically than broadcasting entertainment, they stream games. (Alexa 50, SimilarWeb 76) leads in popularity but do we then go to other sites that stream games or just other sites that stream generally? I can quickly answer that by reporting that Best Streaming (without going into detail about genre or purpose) looks like that list of shared video and film sites we did a few posts back so, while I think we've touched on gaming once or twice, it's worth joining in as a casual player.
PC Mag deal with this even though they call their article 'Twitch and Beyond: The Best Video Game Streaming Services' and test just four of the biggest streaming platforms for gamers.
YouTube Gaming
Image result for streaming

Monday, January 22, 2018

Catalogue each class of clog

Video sharing and entertainment portals have been viewed and there would be a fair argument that, along with photo sharing and frivolous social media, we can say we've included streaming and move on.

I'm not going to do that. Nor am I going to neglect wikis, website traffic statistics, classified advertising or booking engines. Exciting stuff

First I want to take stock of that latest crop of themes: what is the worst or most misleading directory? most erratic erotica? which are the dodgy auction sites? who's dragging behind in technology*? which site is bad at answering questions or gives you inaccurate news or weather that's not updated?

*this was often equated with bad(ly designed) websites, despite PC World's claim in the same 2006 article It's so easy, in fact, we can't help doing it ourselves. So as venture capitalists scramble to throw money at anything labled Ajax or Web 2.0, and Web publishing becomes so simple that anyone with a working mouse hand can put up a site, we offer our list of the 25 worst Web sites of all time.
Technology continues to have fails, according to Tom's Guide in this list of 2017 misfires

It's true that listing directories that are bad to click on does leave out the possibility of considering what the worst Austin lorry (to give them their original name) directories might be. I'd wager there's not enough current interest to bother wondering which are the worst Austin drivers' blog directories. We might be battling to get enough Austin lorry drivers blogging to need to rank them by relevance, information and entertainment value; never mind assigning a directory to the purpose.
There's a practical reason for that, the end date of 1956. There's the impracticality of employing such an old utility when carting rocks and dirt, vegetation, hay, [when the bin's on] grain - when there are tax concessions and built in business costs that allow for a semi-trailer some sixty years more recent in vintage. Why would you use an old truck#, either not covered by insurance or more expensive, where you have to worry about carrying or sourcing spare parts, drive slower? No, this hobby or interest would be better employed in novelty events and shows or polished at home where no one is watching.
#[we called Rosie a truck and she was an Austin]


In getting into parochial spirit for four days' time, let's limit our ambition to another truck we had on the farm, the green Bedford duly named Clover. So the best Australian directory for Bedford trucks may be revealed on BusAustralia Australian Transport Discussion Board. 
The best place locally to buy a Bedford  

What technology is used in trucks built in 2017