Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Upend a penned index

Certainly there are indexes/indices for fiction and for magazines. Different again to index.php and to the index at the back of that volume on diacritical hermeneutics, this is library indexing and can be used on journals and broadsheets, films and television.

Only, journals attract the kind of index that measures you for quality and relevance rather than a simple fan or collector's delight at compiling lists of old magazines.
There are both newspaper archives and a specific index that will take you to articles of interest.
Tertiary institutions continue to do a sound job; University of Michigan library keep an index of short stories going back to 1830
Poetry Foundation appear to run both as a commercial (or at least promotional) vehicle as well as an index of classic verse.

This is not to mention author and subject indexes.

No wonder I have trouble getting a handle on index.htm  Anything that points things out at all points can be an index

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


An index is employed for more scholarly works too. Reference books use an index to facilitate ready access. But a search for index reminds us that a Web index looks slightly different.

When I'm offline I will look in the index to find references to Richard Kearney. When I'm online I'll put his name in the search engine. The index on a website just lists the pages it contains.
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A pen, dicks

 The dictionary definition of this type of appendix
supplementary material at the end of a book, article, document, or other text, usually of an explanatory, statistical, or bibliographic nature.
 In our appendix links we saw the explanatory in those Australian rhyming slang words and bibliographic where it pertains to Ernst Bloch. The technical specifications in the other example only expound.


We expect to see Works Cited in an academic context where it is important the line of accreditation is acknowledged.

It is also in the nature of the subject matter where little is created from whole cloth. It's not like giving your account of hunting rabbits with a Brno .22 rifle where the ability to entertain or inform are what's important, not how well it cleaves to the purpose or expectation of previous notions.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Take out your appendix

I was writing well before I had writing praxis in a formal academic setting. Some of the theory didn't mesh with my methodology but one thing I did learn is text analysis.

Before examining the appendix you would want to know something of the construction of this text. It may be old school and you may not be able to click off and play a game or update your status but it is nonetheless multilayered.

We are looking at pages 819 to 855 of Journal of the American Musicological Society volume 70, number 3.

Title is 'Colloquy [next line] Ernst Bloch's Musical Thought'. It is a section of a (still wider) journal that looks at Ernst Bloch's musical thought through the eyes of convenors John Deathridge and Michael Gallope who write the introduction.
Five scholars take their carefully argued treatise to the fray: Beth M. Snyder, Stephen Decatur Smith, Sherry Lee, Benjamin M. Korstvedt, and Elaine Kelly. The section of the journal concludes with the appendix:selected writings by Bloch and Works Cited.

It seems only fair that philosophy students or music journalists after taking their turn at dissembling Bloch's thinking, are gracious enough to point the reader to works by Bloch himself. Image result for ernst bloch

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Append IX

Again, because of the non-sequential nature of webpages, it would be difficult to privilege them in the same way as a reference work does, where the appendix contains supplementary information. Where the glossary explains terms, the appendix provides charts and graphs and the like.

Not that an appendix has to be abstract; it can be about tin lids, bush tracks or sheets of corrugated iron.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Chapter won

Chapters are listed under contents. They're also a feature of books - longer books. While the information contained in a reference work can manifest itself in different media, the use of chapters is something common to both fiction and nonfiction but not once it moves off the page. And not even when the pages are glossy.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

دو هزار و هفده

سال 2017 میلادی درگذشت. اندرو در نوامبر 2016 درگذشت، پدرم همه برادران و خواهران دیگر را در کنار او در شب سال نو داشت؛ او در ساعت یک بعدازظهر روز سال نو فوت کرد.

همانطور که من سال دوم بازنشستگی زودرس خود را وارد کردم، اخبار در فیس بوک از وضعیت همکار خود بود. زمانی که من هماهنگ کننده اسناد دانشجویی بودم، سون اکنر مدعی آزمون شد، بنابراین ما همان انتهای راهرو را به اشتراک گذاشتیم.
او به روش خود افسانه ای بود: یک پسر کوچک که دوست داشت نوشیدنی و سیگار بکشد اما همچنین پس از شرکت در مراسم خاکسپاری یکی دیگر از همکاران اظهار داشت که دین کافی نیست. شان که سالن سالانه گلف را سازماندهی کرد، کارکنان مجبور شدند با حامیان مالی شرکت کنند. من هرگز گلف را بازی نمی کردم در غیر این صورت آنها یک رویداد سرگرم کننده و یک تمرین خوب بود.
این ثابت کرد مثبت است که همه چیز به بدتر شدن زمانی که روز سالانه گلف لغو شد و بعدا - یک تمرین تیمی دیگر می تواند استدلال کند - او با کارکنان در پارک در سراسر جاده در یک روز بعد از ظهر گرفتار شد.
در یک تغییر شگفت انگیز، او یک راننده اتوبوس شد تا یک روز این پیام ظاهر شد
"سلام فیس بوک، داستان های اتوبوس بیشتری وجود نخواهد داشت.من بیماری عضلانی حرکتی دارم و نمی توانم دیگر کار کنم. سخنرانی من در حال انجام است و من می توانم آن را در دست ها و پاها احساس کنم. من تنظیم می کنم که من می توانم و من 'م سپاسگویی برای عشق همسر و خانواده و بهترین سیستم بهداشت جهانی لعنتی در جهان. Cheers شان. "  

 استفن هاوکینگ فراتر از آنچه دکتر پیش بینی کرد، زندگی می کرد. نه خیلی شان 

Monday, April 09, 2018

Not content

 Image result for contents

Despite this recent spate of posts in other languages - the meaning changing in the process of translation - this is not a blog particularly interested in language as a theme. This is good as it means there is no need to look at the generic nature of contents: the contents of my locker/wallet/fridge. The difference with magazines and journals, doctorates and reference works, is that the contents are stated. It would be like seeing next to that cute picture of the kids when they were younger, a non-shopping list that told you what was on each shelf/section.

There's no need.

But similarly how do you really have a 'preface' or a 'foreword' on a website when the viewer can come it from any point? Technically you could randomly open to page 134 but that's not the same thing. Websites aren't strictly sequential.